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Waterboogie Music  is a record label dedicated to bringing great hiphop music back to the forefront. Raw bass heavy funk-beats or melodic orchestrated boom bap is the sound of Waterboogie Music inc. It's been a four-year journey putting Waterboogie  together.  I previously had "Chilldren of Da'Atom Music" as a label and got two cd singles pressed up("Living for Survival","The Peter Polo Show") myself in 99' and 2001. I really didn't promote myself like I should have because I got stabbed in the jaw and couldn't talk for minute(I had therapy to attend for awhile).The streetz are vicious and I was always a hustler grindin' or working 2-3 jobs to start my own record label.People knew me as a radio d.j. at Afro-dicia radio program(wit Ogegeko Ottoman,D.J. Namdi)KPFK 90.7 FM, and I was a regular since 94' at the GoodLife Cafe'(the 1sthiphop open mic spot in LA) and Project Blowed. I was always freestylin' or deejaying just to make a name for myself,but after I was injured I needed a break from it all. I became angry  and hateful in therapy waiting to heal. I wrote everyday and made music everyday, plotting scheming  my come back. I been lock up over ten times in the county jail where writing was all I had. I thought about it , I had a whole lot going on for myself and got too much in the street to realize it. I got back into playing my piano,drums, guitars in 04' and ain't put'em down yet!
 My experience in the industry came from working for Ted Hayes's Compton Cricket Club(C.C.C.)a Tommy Boy records sponsored crew in 97' ,I worked for Prime Casting agency since 99', I had  a deal with late NBA player Malik Sealy Citi-entertainment in 98' that I got thru the Source magazine's unsigned  hype column.Prime Casting hooked me up 2-3 commercials and I was a dancer in a 5-6 videos and they got me in good movie called "Zigzag" starring Wesley Snipes,John Leguismo  and Sam Jones. I had a small part but I learned alot about the business. I still get love from the
companies that got me started ,but one of my dreams was to have my own entertainment company. Waterboogie Music inc. is becoming a name to be reckoned with. I have a few big-time companies helping me with development and possible distribution this year 09'. Remember L.A. is the place!   Boogie wit ya' water or Water wit ya' boogie!!
Thank you for your support!!!

          Dennis"Boogiewoogie Man"Cannon
          Ceo of  Waterboogie Music inc.