The 33rd Degree : Rise of the Second Sun

The Brand New Album being released May 15,2012 from L.A. based artist/producer Dennis"Tha Boogiewoogie Man"Cannon . Expect the hottest beats of course and the raw ,rapid-fire flow of Tha Boogiewoogie Man . Hip-hop at it's best in this day in age . This is definitely getting a lot of play this Summer to set this season off right. The 33rd Degree : Rise of The Second Sun is the best Hip-Hop Album this Summer for pure lyricism and quality beats to groove ,jam and ride to. Support Real Hip-Hop artists Download the Street Singles Out Now!!! All Songs Written, Mixed & Produced by Tha Boogiewoogie Man for Waterboogie Music inc. Except "Gimme that Money Man!!" lyrics by D.Cannon,D.Felton,F.Bell and E.Richards ,"Roll It Up ,Lite It Up" lyrics by D.Cannon ,D.Felton ,F.Bell ; "what It Do" lyrics by Tha Boogiewoogie Man,Mr.Stryfe & Phyya Support Tha Boogiewoogie Man and Waterboogie Music on tour!!!! On Facebook,Twitter,Radio and Video Channels and Right Here!!!! Los Angeles is on the 33rd Degree Parallel Line Longitude!!!

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