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Coming Soon! New Album!!!

Coming Soon! New Album!!!

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L.A. Bankrobberz  : Tha Boogiewoogie Man ,Dollface & Big Dee Boe

L.A. Bankrobberz : Tha Boogiewoogie Man ,Dollface & Big Dee Boe

Blazing Spear a.k.a.  Dub Poetry

Blazing Spear a.k.a. Dub Poetry

Waterboogie Music  inc. is a independent company  founded by  Los Angeles  artist /producer  Tha Boogiewoogie Man  in  2006.  Tha Boogiewoogie Man  a.k.a. DJ Peter Polo is a former Citi-entertainment  artist( late NBA star  L.A. Clipper Malik Sealy's music label 1998-2001) . He is a former KPFK  90.7 fm   "Afro-dicia Radio program"   DJ / engineer (1995-1997)  with Ogegeko Ottoman and DJ Namdi & KUSC DJ 1997-99' .  Dennis "Tha Boogiewoogie Man"Cannon is also a actor with  Prime Casting ( a small part in  a Wesley Snipes  movie "ZigZag", a women's bra commercial "Giant Girl Lives" and a  few  rap  videos  like Tha Dog Pound 's "Gangsta Sh!t" , Goodie Mob's "Get Rich To This", a Coolio video,  a  Aceyalone  video  as a  actor / dancer . A former member of Tommy Boy Records sponsored Compton Cricket Club - CCC (1997). "One of my biggest moments as a kid was I met DJ/producer Marley Marl in a record store back in the day I think in 1991. The record store people botched up letting everybody know he was coming , so basically I got to talk to him about production techniques,equipment,digging in the crates,and broadcasting for about 2 hours. He answered all my questions, gave me tips on looping( I had old Casio keyboard so he told me to record the samples sped up then slow them down after , so I would have more sampling time , which was genuis back then). I learned so much from that 2 hours! I rapped for him too but I knew with all the guys he had Juice Crew :Kane,G-Rap etc. that I didn't have chance or have to wait a long time. 4 years later, after I went to school for broadcasting/engineer I got job  DJing/engineering for Ogegeko Ottoman's Afrodicia Program at KPFK 90.7 FM on Fridays 12pm to 2pm in 1995 on just the strength of a Beat Tape I made and brought to the basketball court in Hollywood to Ogegeko R.I.P. and old Motown producer Norman Whitfeld R.I.P.(2pac's producer Johnny J father as well) . Since 1995 Tha Boogiewoogie Man  has performed in the L.A. underground hip-hop scene ( The Good Life, Project Blowed/Kaos Network, The Unity, Lion's Den ,Urban Underground,Underground Rising & more! )  . He dropped a mixtape in 2001 "The Peter Polo Show" but  after a few stints in jail he remained determined to make music.  Tha Boogiewoogie Man released "Waterboogie Music Vol. 1" a compilation album(Released 2009) of him & his crew Mr.Stryfe,Yung Ira (Savage), Phyya(Phaloxsimu) and a single "Flipout" which was included on his  Waterboogie Music  debut album "The Gathering"(Released in December 2010).     Jam-packed  with  Hip-Hop Bangers, it  was funk and soul, club , and  hardcore hip hop  at times.  Download!!!!  . The  Album "The  33rd Degree :Rise of The Second Sun" (Released May 12, 2012) by Tha Boogiewoogie Man showcased his flow ,style and production to larger audience gaining a cult following. Easily the 33rd Degree blew him up over the funk soundscape it had which was way different the Gathering Album. Critically Acclaimed as his best work but not his best selling album. "The Great Adventures of Capt. Boogie"(released Nov 15, 2015)  is the Album that made him very dope , a celebrity and many a Fan ! It was complete with skits and a back story exploring the personality and energy of Tha Boogiewoogie Man. It was an adventure to remember ,to  dance and laugh, mix in street politics,hood stories and a lil' bragadoccio it was the journey you craved for!   Tha Boogiewoogie Man is working on a New Album "The Vigilante of Funk" Coming Soon this Summer!!!! Stay Tuned!!

Waterboogie All-Stars Album "Championship Season" featuring Yung Ira,Yung O.Z.,Tha Boogiewoogie Man, Phyya, Mr.Stryfe ,Duece Rat,Richie Genuis & Blazing Spear is a definite "Classic Waterboogie"album showcasing some of the best talent in L.A. So many instances of Great moments on this album with the chemistry of Yung Ira and Yung O.Z. over banging production from Tha Boogiewoogie Man. Sorta like a (young Raekwon and Ghostface Killa ),Yung Ira and O.Z. go back in forth on songs holding it down! Phyya stays consistant a lyrical beast with every verse he spits dropping jewels thru out. Mr.Stryfe ,Duece Rat ,Richie Genuis and Tha Boogiewoogie Man check in from time to time with razor sharp verses that  add to the chemistry of Good team and Brand. So many Bangers on it but "Drop It or Stop It" is a favorite!

   The L.A. Bankrobberz Album feat. Big Dee-Boe,Dollface & Tha Boogiewoogie Man is Bangin,Bangin,Bangin !L.A. Bankrobberz tells the story of Big Dee Boe robbing Banks ,police brutality & harassment, surviving in the hood & more. Femcee Dollface shines on many songs but especially on her solo song "Pawn Me Off(like a Diamond ring)" , She spits tales about be down for her man but, giving him a choice. Together with the Tha Boogiewoogie Man on production the gang goes all out on "Moneybags", which paint's a picture of life in South Central for a G.       All Original Music Produced by Tha Boogiewoogie Man on all Albums.Except * N-Kroud's 2 songs on Waterboogie Music Vol. 1   .

Blazin' Spear is a dancehall /Dub Poetry artist working on his Waterboogie debut that a sure keep you on the dancefloor and something on your mind with his conscious flow and delivery.   Support Dancehall/Dub Poetry  

Click to Buy The Great Adventures of Capt. Boogie @itunes

Click to Buy The Great Adventures of Capt. Boogie @itunes

Click for L.A. Bankrobberz Album @ itunes

Click for L.A. Bankrobberz Album @ itunes

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L.A. Bankrobberz

L.A. Bankrobberz

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L.A. Bankrobberz's  BigDee Boe

L.A. Bankrobberz's BigDee Boe

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