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Official the great adventures of captain boogie
Blazing Spear a.k.a.  Dub Poetry

Blazing Spear a.k.a. Dub Poetry

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L.A. Bankrobberz  : Tha Boogiewoogie Man ,Dollface & Big Dee Boe

L.A. Bankrobberz : Tha Boogiewoogie Man ,Dollface & Big Dee Boe

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 Waterboogie Music inc.  The Dopest Underground Hip-Hop independent company in Los Angeles ,CA !!!!  Featuring  CEO/artist/producer  "Tha Boogiewoogie Man" , L.A. Bankrobberz, Blazing Spear  .Checkout Tha Boogiewoogie Man's Classic Albums "The Gathering" , "The 33rd Degree : Rise of The Second Sun" and "The Great Adventures of Capt.Boogie"  ,Download/Listen to  L.A. Bankrobberz Album: Big Debo, DollFace & Tha Boogiewoogie Man . Blazing Spear is bringing the Dancehall reggae Jam!!!!    Download Now!!!!!!  Support  Waterboogie Recording Artists!!!!!!!!!!!!      Click on the artist's button to get to there bio,music,videos & more!


Waterboogie Music  inc. is a independent company  founded by  Los Angeles  artist /producer  Tha Boogiewoogie Man  in  2006.  Tha Boogiewoogie Man  a.k.a. DJ Peter Polo is a former Citi-entertainment  artist( late NBA star  L.A. Clipper Malik Sealy's music label 1998-2001) . He is a former KPFK  90.7 fm   "Afro-dicia Radio program"   DJ / engineer (1995-1997)  with Ogegeko Ottoman and DJ Namdi & KUSC DJ 1997-99' .  Dennis "Tha Boogiewoogie Man"Cannon is also a actor with  Prime Casting ( a small part in  a Wesley Snipes  movie "ZigZag", a women's bra commercial "Giant Girl Lives" and a  few  rap  videos  like Tha Dog Pound 's "Gangsta Sh!t" , Goodie Mob's "Get Rich To This", a Coolio video,  a  Aceyalone  video  as a  actor / dancer . A former member of Tommy Boy Records sponsored Compton Cricket Club - CCC (1997). "One of my biggest moments as a kid was I met DJ/producer Marley Marl in a record store back in the day I think in 1991. The record store people botched up letting everybody know he was coming , so basically I got to talk to him about production techniques,equipment,digging in the crates,and broadcasting for about 2 hours. He answered all my questions, gave me tips on looping( I had old Casio keyboard so he told me to record the samples sped up then slow them down after , so I would have more sampling time , which was genuis back then). I learned so much from that 2 hours! I rapped for him too but I knew with all the guys he had Juice Crew :Kane,G-Rap etc. that I didn't have chance or have to wait a long time. 4 years later, after I went to school for broadcasting/engineer I got job  DJing/engineering for Ogegeko Ottoman's Afrodicia Program at KPFK 90.7 FM on Fridays 12pm to 2pm in 1995 on just the strength of a Beat Tape I made and brought to the basketball court in Hollywood to Ogegeko R.I.P. and old Motown producer Norman Whitfeld R.I.P.(2pac's producer Johnny J father as well) . Since 1995 Tha Boogiewoogie Man  has performed in the L.A. undaground hip-hop scene ( The Good Life, Project Blowed/Kaos Network, The Unity, Lion's Den )  . He dropped a mixtape in 2001 "The Peter Polo Show" but  after a few stints in jail  Tha Boogiewoogie Man  dropped his Waterboogie Music  debut album "The Gathering"     Jam-packed  with  Hip-Hop Bangers, it  was funk and soul, club , and  hardcore hip hop  at times.  Download!!!!  . The  Album "The  33rd Degree :Rise of The Second Sun" (Released May 12, 2012) by Tha Boogiewoogie Man showcased his flow ,style and production to larger audience gaining a cult following. "The Great Adventures of Capt. Boogie"(released Nov 15, 2015)  is the Album that made him Very Dope and many a Fan ! The L.A. Bankrobberz Album feat. Big Dee-Boe,Dollface & Tha Boogiewoogie Man is Bangin,Bangin,Bangin !L.A. Bankrobberz tells the story of Big Dee Boe robbing Banks ,police brutality & harassment, surviving in the hood & more. Femcee Dollface shines on many songs but especially on her solo song "Pawn Me Off(like a Diamond ring)" , She spits tales about be down for her man but, giving him a choice. Together with the Tha Boogiewoogie Man on production the gang goes all out on "Moneybags", which paint's a picture of life in South Central for a man       All Original Music Produced by Tha Boogiewoogie Man on all Albums.Except * N-Kroud's 2 songs on Waterboogie Music Vol. 1   . Waterboogie Associated Labels will strickly function as a record label/distributor  (On-line Major Label Distribution thru 750 brand stores)  .  Help spread the word about Waterboogie  thru your social media channels,get a Waterboogie widget of any album down below and post to any website. We are looking for supporters,new fans,friends and concert goers all over the world. Sign up for our affilate program or just drop us an e-mail and tell us what you liked or experienced. There are a lot of  Waterboogie Music supporters,fans and friends that we love dearly and work hard for, to bring our brand of material.  Thank You  Stay tuned Ya'll  

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Blazin' Spear is a dancehall /Dub Poetry artist working on his Waterboogie debut that a sure keep you on the dancefloor and something on your mind with his conscious flow and delivery.   Support Dancehall/Dub Poetry  

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Click Boogiewoogie Radio to hear the dopest mixxshow hosted by Tha Boogiwoogie Man a.k.a. DJ Peter Polo for Freestyle Friday(East,West,Down South,Midwest) and So-Cal Saturday (West Coast). New Season starting Late Spring.     Boogie Wit Ya Water   or  Water wit Ya Boogie!!!!!!!!!   Download Now / Listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     ( BWR Mixxshow 1-6 Mixtapes are free promotional products for  Boogiewoogie Radio)
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5 Free Blazing Spear a.k.a. Dub Poetry Mixtapes!!! Click Button

5 Free Blazing Spear a.k.a. Dub Poetry Mixtapes!!! Click Button

Tha Boogiewoogie Man

Tha Boogiewoogie Man

Tha Boogiewoogie Man

L.A. Bankrobberz

L.A. Bankrobberz

L.A. Bankrobberz's Big Dee Boe

L.A. Bankrobberz's  BigDee Boe

L.A. Bankrobberz's BigDee Boe

L.A. Bankrobberz's Dollface

Doll face

Blazing Spear

Blazing Spear a.k.a. Dub Poetry

Blazing Spear a.k.a. Dub Poetry

 Naila is a Beautiful singer from France featured singing the chorus on a track off Tha Boogiewoogie Man's up-coming album "Capt. Boogie"

Naila is a Beautiful singer from France featured singing the chorus on a track off Tha Boogiewoogie Man's up-coming album "Capt. Boogie"

Tha Boogiewoogie man a.k.a Capt. Boogie

Tha Boogiewoogie man a.k.a Capt. Boogie

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"The Great Adventures of Capt. Boogie"

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 With the current state of the music biz going through a transition from the old model to the new digital model, here at Waterboogie Music  we would like to stay on the cutting edge of  technology , marketing,promotion and social networking. A few big retail music stores and  lots of  mom and pop record stores are shutting down or downsizing on physical cd's across the globe due to the mass sales of  mp3's from on-line stores , community shareware sites and free download  sites. People these days rather go to itunes(or any on-line store) on their phone or computer(desktop,laptop,tablet) and buy their favorite jam of the week , than burn their gas to get to their local record store to only hope that they have their favorite song on cd in stock . Itunes and several other online retailers took a big chunk of the revenue the record stores made in the last 5-6  years and is gonna take a even bigger piece (or the whole pie) in just the next 5 years.  Rap DJ's cut , scratch and blend mp3's  just the same as with CD's and vinyl formats(thanks Serato). Tunecore,CD Baby and a few others have  revolutionized the independent artist, the unsigned artist and also the major label artist who is in between albums and deals or they just wanted to do it themselves(DIY) . The mixtape game has changed as well, before you could sell $10 mixtapes out the trunk or sell them in hip-hop shops or  DJ record stores , but  now  besides free download sites , you have a bunch of artist that give away free mixtapes or "street albums" as  promotion for their forth coming major label album . So now a new artist will have a mixtape and a street album(original songs maybe too harsh for the radio or "firstlook") before his/her  first official debut album drops . Before a artist would make 1 - 2  mixtapes then the record label would roll out the debut album or have the artist do 1 or 2 independent albums then drop the major label album ridin off the independent  hype . Some people love their  favorite artist or producer's songs whether it's on a major label or independent , the bottom line  is it 's banging . Major labels took notice of  that  and are now pushing to organize the undaground(independent companies)   
and help brand, market , groom and distribute the independent(undaground) artist and even bring them up to the majors if the artist wants. Some artists are making alot more money being independent getting a bigger percentage of  royalties  when their fanbase is big or got notoriety off major labels . Wow!! Welcome to the digital age !
Waterboogie Music inc. is world-wide thru  : itunes,amazon,tower on-line,emusic,spotify,napster,rhapsody, media net ,reverbnation, google play,mog,gumbo digital,tunegenie ,the exclusive store,priority club rewards,music millenium,waterloo records,solestream,zune,gallery of sound,appitalism, etc. Warehouse CD distributors and retail stores  or consumers for physical CD's , posters and t-shirts you can contact us here at and we'll ship them out to you in 3-4 days . Thank you the people for  buying/listening to Waterboogie Music  products and coming to a Waterboogie artist's show or event.

          Support !!! Waterboogie Music recording artists and events!!!  Peace

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